Content Production

With over 30 years working in the creative industries, we have developed a huge resource of talented content creators that can assist with your content production.

Over the years our team has been involved in everything from directing major motion pictures to projecting Gail Porter on the Houses of Parliament and hanging Mini’s off the sides of buildings.

Creative Services

  • Technical and creative copywriters
  • Multilingual creatives
  • Voice-over & audio production
  • Food, Fashion & Product photographers
  • Illustrators
  • CGI/3D Modelling and concepts
  • Video production
  • Drone video and photography
  • AR & VR Specialists

Working with LWDA means you will have access to all of our talented content-creating associates.

Drone Filming


Video & Photography

If your budget can not stretch to a professional photo or video shoot, we can source media from stock libraries such as Adobe Stock, modifying images and footage to fit the project requirements. For example, superimposing a logo on to a moving truck for Amitruck.

We are also working with some exciting new XR technologies (Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality), as well as experts in drone photography and aerial video.

If you are looking to utilise video and other new technologies on your website, but don’t have the skills in-house, get in touch and we’ll help in any way we can.

Check out our case studies for some of our favourite work.